CeReAl KilLeR With Skull | Stamped Spoon

CeReAl KilLeR With Skull | Stamped Spoon

  • $15.75

Vintage silver plate teaspoon or tablespoon, hand stamped with CeReAl KilLeR

Approximately 6 inches long for the teaspoon and 7 inches long for the tablespoon

****GIFT IDEA****Try placing handle side down in a cereal bowl with the mini boxes of cereal or tie to a full size box of cereal.

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*All of my products are silver-plated vintage silverware, this means they are not brand new. There may be some minor signs of wear from their previous lives (this includes minor scratches, minor plate loss or minor pitting) although I do my best to find silverware without wear.

*Also please expect for there to be a flat spot on the backside of the spoon behind each letter from the hammering process.

*All my items are made to order. So no two items will be exactly alike and you will not receive the exact product in the picture.

*Each letter/design is stamped by hand so please allow for slight variations in placement, spacing and straightness, all of this just adds to the handmade charm of the product.

*For all of my items I go through the process of hand picking the silverware, hand polishing, hand stamping, hand washing for use and then packaging.

*Items are food safe, some people choose to use them on a daily basis and others choose to use it for display.

* Care instructions can be found here

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