Meet the Owner

Hi, I am Melissa! I am the owner of The Rustic Stamp. I do everything with the business myself from shopping for silver plate silverware, to design, and even all the boring computer work. I have been born and raised in Northern California. I am married to an amazing man and we have two children and two dogs. I have always been a creative person, from crocheting to drawing and painting. When the opportunity to start stamping silverware presented itself I jumped at it. I love coming up with new ideas and sayings and just love having a part in people's lives creating something unique and special for them. Besides my business I stay home and raise our two beautiful children. So my life outside of my business really revolves around home school, dolls, dirt bikes and days at the park. Seriously, without park days, mommy would lose her mind. They have an insane amount of energy, I always joke if I had half the amount of energy as them I wouldn't need coffee.

Keela and I