Gardener's Delight

Posted by Melissa Jones on

So this was inspired by Mother's Day last year. We were having a big extended family gathering the day before Mother's Day and I wanted to honor the wonderful mom's I know. So I decided to come up with a simple way to gift a garden marker. There are multiple ways you can stick in a potted plant, tie it to a pack of seeds, however I had found some adorable things in the Target dollar spot bins. Seriously, I can not walk right by those things, it's addictive, I have to look. This time however, it paid off. See I found some cute watering pails, seed packs and seed/planter tins. I combined them together with a garden marker and made these.

They were perfect for the moms I wanted to honor and a huge hit with them. I seriously don't know what I would do without some of the other moms that surround me in my family and friends. They are all inspirations and amazing women who are the greatest moms to their kids. They are my support and sounding board without them I don't know if I would have my sanity.

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